Subaru Imprezza G4

Subaru Imprezza G4

Subaru impreza models have undergone various transformations over generations. The fourth generation models however, tends to be more efficient and civilized providing a complete package of style, fuel saving technology and spectacular safety. It follows the philosophy of redefining the value and class altogether. This means the vehicle is meant to offer the best and superior specifications with ultimate safety and better handling. Subaru impreza G4 2012 is surely not an easy competition for Mazda 3, Holden cruze or Toyota corolla.

The Elegant – Interior and Exterior

The styling has followed the theme of quality and simplicity to astonish the valued customers. The hawk eye headlights along with the hexagon grille give a beautiful front view of the car. The trims are kept simple and sophisticated for an overall spacious feel inside and out. The dashboard and its ornaments have a fine quality plastic material.

Other features include: soft touch leather seats, colorful multifunctional display, Bluetooth connectivity, driver and passenger airbags, electronic brake force distribution, automatic brake system, electronic stability program, hill holder, adjustable steering wheel, central locking remote control, complete entertainment system with loud speakers, radio and auxiliary USB port, well accommodated cabin with sufficient seating capacity four passengers, adjustable and comfortable legroom and headroom. The exterior and interior color spectrum follows a balanced approach and complements each other.

Technologically Advanced Engine and Mileage

The Subaru impreza G4 2012 engine is designed to be environmental friendly and fuel efficient for greater performance over journeys. The vehicle has four cylinders and 2.0 liter DOHC engine. The engine is supported with manual speed of six and variable transmission for a seamless drive.  The advanced auto start stop option is an additional feature being offered in the vehicle specifications. On average the fuel economy has reduced by 20 percent. The fuel type consumed is unleaded petrol and the fuel tank capacity is 55 liters. The combined fuel consumption and average mileage per gallon over city and highway is 7.1 liters per 100 kilo meters.

Competition And Rating of Subaru Impreza G4 2012

Based on car advice rating, Subaru impreza G4 2012 has scored well. The overall rating is 7.0 on the scale of 10. The individual aspects are rated as 8.0 out of 10 for performance, ride and handling, 8.0 for comfort and interior, 7.0 for quality and design and 6.0 for value and features. The rating gives confidence to the valued customers while making purchase decisions. The ratings are based upon the crash testing’s and current customer reviews. The competition is getting intense and aggravated every day passing. The popularity of vehicle resulted in improved version launches by competitors. Such as Honda has brought changes into civic sedan and Chevrolet in its famous cruze. The outstanding features and engine performance excellence gives the car edge over competitors. Therefore many dealers in local and foreign market offer new and used Subaru impreza G4 2012 at reasonable prices.









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